Our Quarterly Newsletter

For 35 years, the Hughston Foundation has published the Hughston Health Alert, an 8-page quarterly patient education newsletter prepared by our writing and imagery departments. It focuses on orthopaedic and sports-related topics, including injury prevention and treatment, and is circulated at no charge to patients, coaches, students, and anyone requesting a subscription. We ship issues to the YMCA, fitness centers, the Girls Club, and Girls Inc. They are also distributed to participants at sporting events, such as the Georgia High School Soccer Association Championship, and at meetings for healthcare professionals across the Southeast. In addition to a print readership of over 50,000 a year, the number of Hughston Health Alert e-mail subscriptions has risen to over 60,000.

Award Winning

The Hughston Health Alert has placed in the international APEX publication competition every year since 2002 and, for the past few years, has won an Award of Excellence in the newsletter category. For 2018, it won an Award of Excellence in the newsletter writing category. The APEX competition is an annual international competition that recognizes outstanding publications, including newsletters, magazines, annual reports, brochures, and websites, from both corporations and nonprofit organizations.


The Hughston Foundation, Inc. holds the copyright to the Hughston Health Alert. Neither the whole nor any part of the publication can be distributed in any form (e.g., electronically, photocopies, etc.) without prior written permission from the editor of the Hughston Health Alert. Copyright 2019, The Hughston Foundation, Inc. ISSN# 1070-7778


The Hughston Health Alert is a quarterly publication of the Hughston Foundation, Inc. The Foundation’s mission is to help people of all ages attain the highest possible levels of musculoskeletal health, fitness, and athletic prowess. The content of the Hughston Health Alert, including text, graphics, images, and all other material considered “content,” is published for educational purposes only. It is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always consult your physician or other qualified healthcare provider about any questions or concerns you may have regarding a medical condition. You should never delay seeking professional medical advice, disregard medical advice, or change or discontinue medical treatment based on information found in the Hughston Health Alert or on the Hughston website. Moreover, the Hughston Health Alert does not recommend or endorse any specific physicians, products, tests, procedures, or opinions mentioned therein. Reliance on any information published in the newsletter or appearing on the website is solely at your own risk.