A Publishing Legacy

One of the purposes of science is to make discoveries through research, but if the findings are not published, then it is as if the research never took place. The Hughston Foundation’s Medical Writing Department has medical writers/editors who support the Hughston physicians and healthcare professionals in their writing efforts and in preparing scientific manuscripts for submission to medical journals, textbooks, and publications for public consumption. Our medical writers also help the residents and fellows complete their research projects, write and edit papers, and develop PowerPoint and poster presentations. To date, Hughston authors have published hundreds of articles in national peer-reviewed journals and are in great demand as contributors to medical texts. Over the years, the writing department has edited and produced a number of medical texts in-house, including The Hughston Clinic Sports Medicine Book, The Hughston Clinic Sports Medicine Field Manual, and Operative Treatment of Elbow Injuries. From 1972 to 1994, it prepared the American Journal of Sports Medicine (AJSM)—begun by Dr. Hughston as the Journal of Sports Medicine—for publication, and from 1996 until 2013, it managed the production of the Journal of Athletic Training.