The Advanced Clinical Experience (ACE) Fellowship is an educational program in general orthopedic surgery offering one or more specialized areas of interest as well as exposure to the business aspects of an orthopedic practice.

The ACE fellow participates in the Graduate Medical Education (GME) activities and has clinical responsibilities. The fellow works under the guidance of his or her rotation preceptor and reports to the Hughston Foundation Program Director and the Director of Medical Education.

Under the supervision of the attending Hughston physicians, the fellow is directly involved in the care of patients, evaluating them and following-up with the hospital-managed patients in the outpatient clinic. The fellow also attends weekly conferences where the attending physicians present relevant orthopedic topics. At quarterly journal club meetings, the fellow reviews and discusses current publications with Hughston physicians. Additionally, scholarly activity is an essential component of the fellowship: research time is built into the weekly schedule, and research methodology and scientific writing are incorporated into the curriculum. By the end of the year, the fellow is required to complete an independent clinical research project suitable for publication.

ACE Fellowship is a customizable fellowship program with select faculty based upon interest, therefore, not accredited.