Testimonials —

Dr Fernicola replaced both my shoulders and both knees, the first shoulder in 2008, both knees in 2010 and the last shoulder in 2013. At 81, i am most grateful for my excellent experience with him. Recoveries were easy, hospitals pleasant and comfortable, and he always gave me all the time I needed.

— Isabel M.

I had gathered information on Doctor Fernicola prior to my making an appointment. His outstanding reputation preceded him. Dr. Ward and Dr. Pahl highly recommended him. My one and only meeting with him was very positive and encouraging. I came away from our meeting with good vibes.

I have been pleased with my experience with Houston clinic. I am well pleased with Dr. Fernicola and his experience and professionalism. Dr. Fernicola is very thorough and takes the time to answer questions and give explanations. I have had two surgeries at your facility and am well pleased. I would recommend your clinic and Dr. F. to anyone.

— Walter B.



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