Building the Pipeline for Women in Engineering and Medicine

Scrubs Camp Sponsor, The Perry Initiative, is offering online sessions of the Perry Virtual Experience in September and October 2021.

Like every other organization, Perry Initiative programs were disrupted by the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic. While we couldn’t be together in person for the past year, our mission remained to inspire women in careers in orthopaedics, both as orthopaedic surgeons and engineers. Although nothing will replace the magic and empowerment of hands-on learning, we created the Perry Virtual Experience (PVE) for high school and college students. The PVE will remain part of our program offerings, even as we begin to return to in-person events post-pandemic.

We’re very excited to announce upcoming sessions of the Perry Virtual Experience in February 2022. The Perry Virtual Experience is a free, 2.5-hour, interactive online experience for high school and college-aged students who gender-identify as female or nonbinary and are interested in pursuing careers in orthopaedic surgery and engineering. Participants will hear from women leaders in these fields and dive into online orthopaedic simulations and biomechanics experiments. Additional information can be found on our website:

Women in high school and college who have an interest in science, medicine and/or engineering are now invited to register for a session of the Perry Virtual Experience. We would appreciate it if you could pass along this information to any educators or students you may know. Students should be directed to fill out the online registration for one session that best fits their schedule. Most sessions are available to participants in any location, but some sessions are for a focused geographic area. Dates and details for each session can be found at

For more information on Scrubs Camp, visit our School Groups page.

Last edited on January 26, 2022