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Sometimes all you need is physical therapy for your injury

Injuries–from sports or from day-to-day living–can often be treated with rehabilitation rather than surgery. Your doctor may recommend physical therapy for minor tendon injuries, ankle sprains, hip pain, and a number of other painful conditions. Your doctor will discuss your treatment options, once your injury or condition is diagnosed. Sometimes, it can be as simple as rehabilitation.

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Concussions in Sports

A concussion causes a temporary change in consciousness immediately after a blow to the head. When an athlete experiences a concussion his or her motor…

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Concussions & ImPACT Testing Guidelines for Athletes

A concussion is a type of traumatic brain injury that causes a temporary change in mental function. A concussion occurs when your head is hit…

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What is Damage Control Orthopedics?

Surgeons use damage control orthopedics (DCO) to manage critically injured patients by temporarily stabilizing fractures so that the patient’s overall condition can improve. The purpose…

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