Jack Hughston Memorial Hospital is proudly offering its community surgery utilizing the state-of-the-art Mako Robotic-Arm Surgery System. The Mako Robotic-Arm Surgery System is renowned for its cutting-edge technology that enhances surgical accuracy, patient outcomes, and overall surgical experience. Jack Hughston Memorial Hospital has once again demonstrated its commitment to delivering the highest standard of care by incorporating this advanced robotic platform into its surgical practices.

Dr. Randall Ruark, a specialist in Knee and Hip Joint Replacement, led the first surgery at the hospital using technology, showcasing the hospital’s dedication to staying at the forefront of medical innovation. The Mako system, known for its precision and minimally invasive capabilities, enables surgeons to plan and execute procedures with unparalleled accuracy, ultimately benefiting patients through reduced pain, shorter recovery times, and improved overall outcomes.

Jack Hughston Memorial Hospital is proud to be at the forefront of adopting transformative technologies that elevate the standard of care for our patients. The successful integration of the Mako Robotic-Arm Surgery System exemplifies our commitment to advancing healthcare and embracing innovations that make a positive impact on patient lives.

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Last edited on January 25, 2024