Community service is at the core of what we do at the Hughston Foundation. The services the Foundation provides are the product of training, education, and research, which are inseparable from our mission of improving lives and strengthening communities. This means, our commitment to students in the Chattahoochee Valley is as strong as ever. At Hughston, we are always looking for ways to give back to our supporters while we strive to improve our community outreach.

Planning and implementing this year’s programs are well underway; but financial support is needed to provide these valuable activities to all schools or students despite their ability to pay. Thus, we have a long tradition of helping the athlete prepare for competition, being present on the sidelines for Friday night games, offering Saturday morning sports injury clinics, and sponsoring education seminars for coaches and parents. This is where your contribution will help us achieve our goals to continue to serve our community with fundraising events like these: